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We support and guide you through the CPA process.


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We believe in our students ...

At McCay Duff, we value your personal time and support your study time. We also believe in developing our students so they can thrive in a culture of strong leadership, challenging rewarding work and excellent compensation. We are committed to creating a recruiting environment where you get to meet our staff and learn what life is like at McCay Duff. Read our recruiting tips and Q&A with CPA students to learn more.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

We provide financial support

As a CPA student, we are here to support and guide you through the CPA process. We provide full financial support, paying for all the exam/module fees after successful completion.

We know that it takes hard work and dedication to pursue the CPA program—and we are in your corner every step of the way.

Student Program Support

Study time so you can succeed

We've got your back ...

We also provide automatic study time off for each exam, including six to eight weeks before the CFE. We have a host of students who successfully completed the CPA program in-house.


We are constantly learning and growing

When starting with us as a student ...

We offer a comprehensive five-day training week complete with mock files, to ensure you get a solid foundation upon which to grow with us. At McCay Duff, we are constantly learning and growing, and that includes a commitment to training and development for our staff.

Career Path for Students

We offer internal professional development courses throughout the year including an annual audit, accounting, and tax update, condo file training, supervisory training, CPA-provided sessions, and lunch-and-learn sessions.


Competitive and rewarding

You matter to us ...

We offer a competitive salary, full CPA program financial support, health and dental benefits, paid overtime, and provide annual merit-based increases that reflect your value and contribution to our Firm. You matter to us, and so does your compensation.


Events and tips to empower our students

Training and Development - Learning and Growing

Student Life and McCay Duff ...

At McCay Duff we believe in empowering our students and providing an environment for them to flourish in, with the guidance of their mentors.

Recruiting Events

Come out and meet our staff

Come learn about us ...

Each year we participate in local University ‘Meet the Firm’ events. Come out and meet our staff—they would love to chat with you and tell you more about what life is like at McCay Duff. Come learn about us from our most valuable asset—our people.

Recruiting Tips

Stand out from the crowd

Show recruiters how you are exceptional ...

Becoming a successful accountant involves more than just knowing how to plan an audit. According to Roger CPA Review, using these tips will help you become the best recruitment candidate you can be.

  1. Join an accounting club
  2. Polish your networking skills
  3. Attend “meet the Firms / meet the professionals”
  4. Learn how to write a killer resume
  5. Demonstrate multi-tasking by maintaining a good GPA, staying active in your accounting club, and participating in extracurricular activities
  6. Dress for success

For more details on these tips, read the full article at Roger CPA Review.

What you need to know

Learn about the student experience

Q&A with CPA Students

Have questions for us?

Come to one of our recruiting events to hear what our dynamic students have to say about life at McCay Duff or request an office tour to learn more about us.

Curtis Milobar

Outstanding experience gained

During my recruiting season during third year at Carleton University, I was seeking a Co-op placement. I attended the Big Firm Wine and Cheese event where McCay Duff had a table. I met a couple of young energetic staff members from the Firm and made the assumption that their energy would be representative of the Firm culture. I decided to apply to work at the Firm and thankfully got the job!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience ever since.

Anne Campbell

Love working with different businesses

The variety of work, including the ability to work on tax, auditing and compilation files.


Coaching and mentoring

The learning opportunities in both tax and auditing.

Anna Chen

Opportunity to learn so much

Here's what our students say...

What is it really like to work at McCay Duff?

McCay Duff genuinely cares about your goals and success

Providing excellent opportunities and an incredible environment to grow professionally and personally.

Working and personal-level relationships developed ...

The working and personal level relationships developed with Partners and Management is something I hadn’t expected as a co-op Student! At McCay Duff this is something that ALL employees experience on a daily basis.

Curtis Milobar
Former Co-Op Student
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