Ottawa Professionals Providing Organizational Audit, Accounting & Assurance Services

Financial statements provide an overview of your current financial position, as well as what took place during the year. Accurate and trustworthy financial reporting is essential for any organization, whether providing shareholders with a comprehensive annual report or as a prerequisite for obtaining financing. McCay Duff LLP’s Chartered Professional Accountants will help you prepare and present your financial statements in a clear and concise format. In addition, they are licensed to conduct full audit and review engagements of your financial statements to ensure the information contained in the statements is a true representation of your organization’s financial health.

Assurance services from professional firms are typically perceived to be interchangeable commodities. At McCay Duff LLP, we believe that our commitment to a high level of client service is a distinguishing feature of our firm. We view the assurance engagement process as an opportunity to provide feedback on your controls and processes. This way, we can help your company or organization improve performance and accountability on an ongoing basis, over and above simply carrying out the statutory compliance work required of us.

Ottawa Advisors with Your Best Interests in Mind

When you put your business or personal financial interests in the hands of the professionals at McCay Duff LLP, you can rest assured that everything will be done with your best interests in mind. As your trusted advisors, we strive to provide personalized service tailored to your specific needs. Whether helping you or your business maximize wealth while minimizing taxes, or helping your not-for-profit organization meet its statutory requirements and its stated goals, we help you improve accountability and identify any areas where you may be vulnerable.

Our team of tax and financial professionals provides assurance and accounting services to a wide range of businesses structures and organizations, including:

The Benefits of Independently Prepared Financial Statements

At McCay Duff LLP, our job is to present you with a clear and accurate picture of your financial position, allowing you to make sound short and long-term financial decisions. Assurance services are required by both for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations for several reasons.

For-Profit Businesses

In addition to providing reliable information to existing shareholders, for-profit companies can also benefit from independently audited financial statements in instances when they are seeking financing and/or considering merger and acquisition opportunities. Our team also examines each client’s finances on an ongoing basis to highlight opportunities for the optimal management of cash flow and pricing.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

In addition to clearly showing your members how the organization’s resources have been expended, having your financial statements independently audited can also help satisfy the requirements of various funders, donors and government agencies.

Building Trusted Partnerships to Provide Clients with Confidence and Direction

At McCay Duff LLP, we believe that success follows from attention to detail and personalized service for every client. We believe that providing professional services with care and guidance will always achieve the best result. Contact us to find out the difference personalized attention makes and to determine how we can best meet your specific needs. To learn more about how the team at McCay Duff LLP can assist you or your business or organization with our in-depth assurance and audit services, please contact us online, or by telephone at 613-236-2367 or toll-free at 1-800-267-6551.