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At McCay Duff LLP in Ottawa, we have a proven track record working with small to mid-sized business owners helping to fulfill their strategic initiatives. Our valuations team brings over twenty years of experience in business valuations and litigation support. The department is led by Rick Evans, who in addition to providing valuation reports, has also qualified to appear before Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice’s Family Law Branch to provide expert witness services. No matter how complex your circumstances, our valuation professionals will work with you to ensure they provide a defensible report meeting your specific needs.

When making major organizational decisions, planning for business succession or helping the Court determine the value of a business asset and/or the income available to a spouse, trustworthy and defensible valuation services are essential. The valuation of a business is often critical in reporting to stakeholders or as part of legal submissions before a court, and so credibility and reliability are key.

McCay Duff LLP in Ottawa: Setting Ourselves Apart in Valuation and Consulting

At McCay Duff LLP, we have considerable experience in business valuation and income determination for support purposes. Our valuation group provides unbiased and defensible reports for matters pertaining to strategic business decisions, taxation, family law and other litigation matters. We are also supported in our work by the experienced financial and tax professionals at the firm, who often collaborate when needed to meet each client’s unique needs.

McCay Duff Valuation Services & Deliverables Overview

Our knowledgeable valuators and consultants provide business valuations and litigation support services for a variety of circumstances. Clients can count on us to deliver a carefully prepared valuation report that concludes on the value of shares, assets or a business interest, or an expert report containing a conclusion as to the quantum of financial gain or loss.

Family Law & Other Litigation Support

In family law, many cases require a defensible expert report to determine the value of a business and/or determine the income available to a spouse. When one or both spouses own a business, this can be an especially complex undertaking. Our designated valuation and litigation support professionals frequently work with clients and lawyers to provide independent and trustworthy reporting on these matters, as well as expert testimony in court.

Our Director of Valuation Services, Rick Evans, often appears as an expert witness in family law matters in court, arbitration or mediation. He has the distinction of having been qualified as an expert witness multiple times on both sides of the border, in the Family Law Branch of the Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa and California’s Superior Court in Contra Costa County.

Our team provides the following litigation support services:

  • Family Law
    • Business Valuation for Asset Division Purposes
    • Determination of Income for Child and Spousal Support
    • Forensic Accounting (uncovering hidden assets)
  • Other Litigation Support Services
    • Economic Damages or Loss Quantification
      • Personal Injury
      • Loss of Business
      • Wrongful Death Matters
      • Expropriation

Taxation and Estate Planning Matters

Business valuation is crucial when planning tax-savings strategies or looking ahead to estate planning matters. Most changes in the structure or ownership of a business will have associated tax consequences and defensible valuation of the business is key to effective planning. The reports prepared by our group meet all Canada Revenue Agency and Internal Revenue Service standards for business valuation reporting.

Whether you are a business owner looking to transition your business from a sole proprietorship to a corporation or looking to conduct an estate freeze to defer taxation until the ownership of a business passes on to the beneficiaries, we can help.

We work with clients to provide information and reports for a variety of tax and estate matters, including:

  • Corporate and Estate Tax Planning;
  • CRA and IRS Disputes and Appeals; and
  • Income Tax Transactions in Canada and the U.S.

Business Valuations for Decision-Making

If you are considering options for retirement or you’ve been presented with a purchase offer, our professional valuators will provide a thorough and defensible report of your organization’s value. We work with each client to help them understand the true value of their business so they can be confident they have the information they need to plan their next steps. Our team will provide detailed, up-to-date value assessments of businesses and organizations tailored to the specific circumstances, which may include:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures;
  • Buy/Sell Agreements;
  • Obtaining Financing;
  • CRA Estate and Tax Planning;
  • Shareholder/Partner Disputes;
  • Shareholder Agreements;
  • Business Restructuring;
  • Estate and Gift Tax Purposes;
  • Due Diligence; and
  • Advisory Services.

Meet McCay Duff LLP’s Valuation & Consulting Team Leader

An image of Richard H. Evans CPA, CA, CFF, CFE, CVA, ABV, ASA CPA (CALIFORNIA) Director of Valuation Services, smiling in front of a window in Ottawa, Ontario.

Rick Evans


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