For students and graduates just starting their CPA journey and their careers, the future can feel overwhelming. That’s why our team of trusted Chartered Professional Accountants is dedicated to helping students develop their skills by providing opportunities and experiences to learn. We ensure you have the tools, training, and exposure to learn new skills and explore new opportunities in different service areas and industries. We offer paid internships, mentoring, and the opportunity to return to work for us full-time.

For students who start with us, we provide an initial five-day training week to learn our software and processes to ensure you start with a solid foundation to build upon, followed by on-the-job training and shadowing with extensive support and oversight. We provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of public accounting by giving you maximum exposure and insight into our many clients and services. Build your professional network in your chosen field. Get hands-on practical business experience.

Join us for an invaluable hands-on experience to thrive in a medium-sized public accounting firm and start putting your learning into practice. We will give you responsibility from the beginning and support you along the way.  Previous students have said they found their time with us invaluable for the range of work they were exposed to and how it solidified the material from their university courses. You’ll also get to take part in social activities with other staff working towards their designation and our experienced team that has been working in the industry for many years.

At McCay Duff LLP, you will gain relevant practical experience in our primary public accounting services of audit and accountancy work and learn how they complement each other. You will also be introduced to many of the required competencies related to the CPA designation process and start building your toolbox of practical knowledge, which is essential for obtaining your letters.

There will be numerous opportunities to assist senior staff and work independently on assurance engagements, working papers, and corresponding financial statements for a breadth of small and medium-sized clients across different industries. You will also be exposed to preparing corporate and personal income tax returns as you work through your first busy season with us. 

You can expect to take on real accountability in a supportive environment of fellow bullpen staff and our leadership team. Depending on the engagement’s size and nature, students sometimes report to senior staff members, managers, or the partner in charge. The level of complexity of assignments will depend on the student’s unique abilities as everyone comes from differing backgrounds and levels of previous experience.

Technical learning never stops, with additional technical training offered as you progress to more complex files to grow and develop your accounting skills. After each engagement, you will receive feedback from the manager on the file in the form of review notes, so you will learn quickly and apply your new knowledge to the following file. You are encouraged to attend as many educational courses and seminars as the firm provides.

While it’s true that knowledge of accounting principles is essential, succeeding in our line of work takes more than technical knowledge. You must also develop a number of soft skills that will enable you to serve our clients better and ultimately become a successful leader someday. Our student opportunities provide an environment for you to be challenged and practice some of the required soft skills for a successful career in public accounting.

With the aid and guidance of expert mentors in a supportive environment, McCay Duff LLP empowers students, showing them firsthand what it takes to find success as an accountant. Students are assigned a mentor who will be there to help ease the transition into the real world of accountancy and make your experience with us the most valuable it can be. Your mentor will be accessible and committed to providing you with coaching, progress support, and guidance for your professional development forming the foundation of your journey in the accounting profession, be it towards your CPA or in other professional areas.

Students have the opportunity to interact and develop positive relationships at every level within the firm and with clients, which will help expand their professional network and gain insights into the industry that will last for the length of their careers. 

Students face a number of challenges at the start of their careers. We understand first-hand the demands and expenses rigorous study requires, not to mention the time required to be successful in your endeavour.  At McCay Duff LLP, we’ve got your back. We also provide study time off for exams, including six to eight weeks before the CFE. For CPA students, we want to help and support you through the demands of the process. That’s why we will pay for all exam/module fees after successful completion. We have a host of students who successfully completed the CPA program in-house to assist you through the process.

We offer a competitive salary, full CPA program financial support, health and dental benefits, paid overtime, and provide annual merit-based increases that reflect your value and contribution to our Firm. You matter to us, and so does your compensation.

What We Offer

  • A competitive salary and benefits package
  • Very flexible remote and Hybrid work options
  • Opportunity to establish customized, flexible work times
  • Access to our employee assistance benefits plan and WorkPerks online discounts services
  • Reasonable hours expectations and paid overtime
  • Three weeks of annual paid vacation
  • Fridays off in the summer and additional paid time off over the December holiday season
  • Practical work experience hours that you can use towards your CPA Ontario’s practical experience hours requirement

McCay Duff LLP Your Future Starts Here

We are always on the lookout for passionate, dedicated individuals to join our dynamic team.

To learn more about how you can join our experienced and highly skilled professionals, contact us online, by telephone at 613-236-2367, or toll-free at 1-800-267-6551.