Trusted Ottawa Business Advisors and Consultants

It is vital for any business owner or head of an organization to work with a financial professional they can trust and rely on for proactive and innovative advice. From the initial launch right through to planning for succession, the financial professionals at McCay Duff LLP in Ottawa are with you every step of the way.

More than just trusted advisors, our business specialists bring knowledge and perspective to every issue, big or small. We work closely with clients to provide personalized service and are often the first call our clients make when facing a significant decision or looking to reach a new milestone in their organization. We provide carefully considered advice tailored to each specific client’s unique needs, always with our client’s best interests in mind.

Ottawa Business Consultants and Advisors Offering a Diverse Array of Services

Our team will work side by side with you, advising on the initial start-up, and throughout the life of the venture and right through to planning for retirement or the sale of the business. We get to know our clients and their goals so we can provide proactive advice and help steer each client towards solutions that will help them achieve their objectives. We are proud to say that many of our clients have been with us for fifty years or more; some since the inception of the firm in 1946.

Buying a Business

Through a detailed analysis of the business you are considering buying, we can help get a real sense of the business’s strengths and weaknesses to avoid unwanted surprises in the future. We can also assist with the due diligence procedures to help you mitigate risk, provide tax advice on how to structure the purchase and help prepare the business plan and projections to secure purchase financing.

Selling a Business

Whether we are assisting during negotiations, reviewing letters of intent or simply making sure you are aware of all tax implications and risks, our goal is to protect your interests throughout the transaction.

Shareholder Agreements

We can assist in establishing a framework for your business to help ensure future success.

Business Plans

We can help you determine an approach that makes sense, one that also helps you secure the funding you need to get started.

Cash Flow Projections

More than just money in and money out today, we can help you identify your future cash needs in advance so you can ensure you have the necessary funding for future operations.

Succession Planning

Let us help you structure your business to protect it, and you, against risk and allow you to get the most value for its future sale. If you intend to keep the business in the family and pass it down to the next generation, we will ensure the succession arrangements are structured to minimize tax obligations for all parties.

Business Valuations

Using a variety of industry-standard and certified methods, we can help you determine a realistic value of your business in advance of a sale or settlement.

Contact McCay Duff LLP in Ottawa for Straightforward and Reliable Advisory and Consulting Services for Your Organization

Whether helping you or your company maximize wealth and minimize taxes or ensuring your not-for-profit organization meets its statutory requirements, improves accountability and reaches its own goals, McCay Duff LLP is always there for you.

We will learn your objectives and work with you to help you meet them each step of the way. To enjoy the benefits of having experienced business advisors on your side, contact the finance and business professionals at McCay Duff LLP by reaching out online, or by telephone at 613-236-2367 or toll-free at 1-800-267-6551.