Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has announced a delay of payment of personal and corporate income amounts owing, and a small extension in the personal tax filing deadline. These measures do help the big picture, but here are fives reasons why you might want to stick to the originally scheduled deadline of April 30.

Paige Shaw, CPA, CA  Partner,
The Catalyst Group – Calgary, AB
  1. If you have a refund: If you have signed up with direct deposit with CRA, and you have a refund, money can generally be deposited into your bank account as quickly as two weeks.
  2. CRA has announced enhancements to the Child Care Tax Benefit: Providing your income tax return to CRA may help them assess if you are now entitled to these amounts.
  3. The GST/HST credit has been enhanced: If you or an adult child qualify for this, your personal tax return can be used to determine amounts to be paid to you.
  4. Planning for payment of a deferred tax amount: You might not have to pay taxes owing or installments until later this year, but knowing your final tax liability and installment requirements helps you manage your current personal cash flow for eventual payment of CRA liabilities. Knowledge is power.
  5. Keeping our economy running: To maintain quality, timely service for our clients, we hire many people just for tax season, and we want to keep these people working. Despite the disruption, capacity is increased over the next month to efficiently prepare your tax return by the end of April, just as in prior years. You can check it off your to-do list instead of leaving it close to the deadline.

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