Nadia Daskalova, Accounting and Audit Supervisor

Nadia Daskalova, Supervisor at McCay Duff LLP

McCay Duff LLP will be posting an ongoing blog series intended to introduce readers to some of the members of our team, in their own words. The first post in our series focuses on Accounting and Audit Supervisor Nadia Daskalova, who has been with the firm since 2018. Nadia assists clients with a variety of accounting, audit, assurance, and business consultation services, aimed at helping individuals, non-profits, and entrepreneurs to maximize their wealth while identifying opportunities for growth.

What do you appreciate most about working at McCay Duff LLP in Ottawa?

I think the aspect of McCay Duff LLP that I appreciate the most is the comradery. Every level of the staff from co-op students to partners will socialize with each other, strike up conversations about almost anything in the lunchroom, and call sporadically via MS Teams, just to chat! It’s not always about work and that can be a very good thing.

What got you interested in pursuing this line of work?

Through my experience working with small businesses, I saw how much they relied on their independent accountants to assist with many tasks from day-to-day operations to business altering decisions. I really wanted to be involved in that process and helping those small businesses thrive and succeed.

What aspect of the work you do is the most rewarding?

There are two aspects that I find very rewarding. Firstly, the ability to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Secondly, the ability to help more junior staff learn and advance their careers.

How does McCay Duff LLP differ from other firms in terms of client service?

McCay Duff LLP really cares about their employees. They go out of their way to offer flexible schedules, rewards and incentives and comfortable workspaces. It is rare to work for an organization where every level of management is concerned about your comfort and your wellbeing.

Tell us a little about your areas of practice/specialty.

I practice mainly in the assurance field, performing and assisting with assurance engagements for various not-for-profit organizations, charities, condominiums and for-profit clients. I also assist with some of the more common areas of tax, preparing tax returns for individuals and corporations, as well as responses to CRA queries and other adjustments.

What is your approach to client service?

I like to approach every client interaction keeping client needs first in my mind. I have spent many years developing my customer service skills in a variety of service industries, and I have always found that having a positive attitude and an open mind will go a long way. However, it is equally important to communicate effectively and problem solve whenever possible, in order to meet the needs of the client.

What is a common misconception about your profession?

I think a common misconception about our profession is that accountants are introverted, reserved, quiet individuals. Most people are surprised to find that accountants can vary just as much as any other professionals. Naturally, there are those quiet individuals in the fold, however, just as often I have found engaging, extroverted and sociable accountants.

I think another misconception is that accounting is all about detailed numbers. Accounting is so much more about assisting business owners and individuals plan for the future and develop their businesses and grow.

What do you wish more clients would ask you about?

I wish more people would ask me about how an accountant could assist them into the future. Most clients are fairly concerned with their current needs, tax deadlines, etc. And these things are absolutely important and necessary, however, it is much less common for clients to ask with assistance in planning for the long-term.

Nadia Daskalova is an Accounting and Audit Supervisor with McCay Duff LLP in Ottawa. You can reach Nadia by phone at 613-688-2368, or by email at

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