At McCay Duff LLP, we have been actively monitoring and reacting to the developing Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. As we focus on this issue, our top priority is ensuring the health and safety of our people and our clients while minimizing business disruptions.

To mitigate the potential spread of infection, we are advising staff to stay home if they feel sick and to self-quarantine if they or anyone close to them has recently travelled, or if they are considered high risk. We have also made changes to a number of our Firm policies and, as of today, we have no reported cases of staff or family members being directly affected by the virus.

In light of this rapidly changing situation, we are contingency planning for scenarios where our office may be required to operate remotely, possibly for an extended period of time.  We have invested heavily in technology to allow us to operate in this manner should the need arise with limited disruptions to our operations.

To allow for this scenario and in order to minimize the potential for transmission of the virus, we are temporarily making the following changes to our standard business practices:

  • Where possible we will be seeking to perform client work remotely and receive information electronically using our Portal. We will be allowing staff to work remotely from their homes to the extent possible.
  • We will be making every attempt possible to defer face to face meetings and will make use of telephone or video conference technology in the meantime.
  • For our personal tax clients, we are urging tax documents be provided to us via electronic methods (Portal), and that mail, courier and reception drop off only be used as last resorts.
  • Until we determine it is safe to do so, our staff will not be attending or presenting at Annual General Meetings or other business related meetings in person.
  • We have imposed a number of internal policies encouraging social distancing, limiting staff interactions and travel, etc. in the interest of limiting transmission opportunities and maintaining a safe environment for our staff and clients.

We appreciate your support and understanding as we seek to balance the implications of this rapidly evolving situation.

If you have questions or concerns please reach out to your McCay Duff advisor to discuss.


The Partners of McCay Duff LLP