Financial Data Management Specialty Group

Bookkeeping done right.

Bookkeepers in McCay Duff Boardroom

Tired of outdated and unreliable financial reports?

Let McCay Duff's Data Management Specialists take care of all your bookkeeping needs.

Our team of highly qualified bookkeeping professionals go beyond the traditional scope of basic data entry. Our clients receive monthly financial reports that provide relevant, accurate, and timely financial information, which can be used for strategic decision making and cash flow management.

Giving you peace of mind by ensuring:

  • Payroll is processed in a timely manner.

  • Tax filing requirements such as HST, EHT, WSIB and source remittances are filed and paid before deadlines.

  • Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations are completed.

  • Sales invoices are recorded and you are informed of potential accounts receivable collection issues.

  • You are informed of potential tax planning strategies throughout the year to assist you in tax minimization and/or deferral opportunities.

Working with you

to guarantee business success!


For more information about our services contact Karen Freake, CPA, CA at or 613-236-3364.

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Our team can be reached at

Our office is located at 141 Laurier Avenue West, 6th Floor, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5J3.


Contact us to learn more about how we can help you take care of all your bookkeeping needs.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.